Conangel was partner at the Webinale 2009 in Berlin

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The last week of May was the Berlin Web Week. During this time the Webinale conference took place at the Berlin Congress Center. The first of three days was the Startup Day with sessions and workshops especially for startup companies. The main event was at the remaining two days with up to seven parallel sessions. Perfect for our service.

And so the webinale was the first Conangel powered conference. Conangel was service partner and provided the application to all visitors with an Apple iPhone. And the result of our first event is amazing. It was a full success for everyone.

It was a full success for the conference producing company. Read the statement of Felix Schrader, chief editor of CREATE OR DIE and Webinale organizer:

Conangel is a great service for conferences such as the webinale. Each of our participants will receive an agenda. Because it is printed a few weeks before the conference, details of the event may change again. For example when rooms rotate or sessions move. With Conangel the participants receive in time and immediately these changes. There is no better way to call visitor’s attention to conference modifications.

And not only the conference organizer was happy about our service. Here are three statements of our users. The first is from Matias Roskos,

At the webinale I heard about Conangel the first time and was enthusiastic. I want this service at other events, too. Fast, easy to use and functional. I searched for details of the event sessions and got it seconds later. I want more iPhone Apps like Conangel.

Secondly Sebastian Bluhm, expert in Adobe Flash, Flex and Air:

I had the unique opportunity to test the application Conangel at the webinale 2009 and it is great. Always informed in time about any changes I could attend my favorite sessions. I hope it will also be available at other conferences!

Last but not least Garvin Huckels:

The webinale hosted extraordinary speakers. Not to forget one of my favorite webinale sessions, Conangel was my personal conference plan. During a conference I get the information directly to my mobile. Con’angel is a new way to get information. Thank you.

To get more details about the webinale, read the articles at COD, 13. Stock, Gründerszene, t3n magazin, Handelskraft, Corlan, or Euroweb.