Download Conangel at the iPhone App Store

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We worked hard and run many tests. But now the iPhone version of Conangel is in the App Store. It was an amazing time to develop together with Raphael something totally new. You can get the client of our service for the iPhone or the iPod touch at

Here are some screenshots of the current version. At the first picture you can see the Overview with all sessions of the selected day.

Here it is the second day of Webinale 09 (in German language). conangel overview

With a click on a row you get the session details. conangel session detail view

You can add the session… conangel session detail view conangel session detail view

…to “My Plan”. conangel my favorite plan

Last but not least it is possible to filter the sessions by categories. conangel filter event categories

And you can sort the sessions by locations, like rooms or halls. conangel filter event locations rooms halls